Gambling in Walker County

Pastors Voice Uninformed Opinion About Gambling in Walker County

Expanded gambling is simply becoming a way of life in America. No matter what groups opposed to gambling do, they cannot stop the momentum that legalized gambling has in the United States.

Yet, opposition groups continue to hold their protests and voice their opinions on the subject of gambling. Their opinions are old fashioned, and much of the time, uninformed.

Such is the case in Walker County. The Walker County Commission was in session this morning. While there, they were greeted by over a dozen pastors and representatives of religious organizations.

The group spoke to the Commission about the electronic bingo halls that have been popping up in the county over the past year. They spoke of how they were concerned that the bingo halls would bring neglect, child abuse, and increased domestic violence to the county.

They also claimed that gambling would hurt industrial recruitment. The fact that they argued that gambling would increase child abuse and neglect, shows that the group has a lack of knowledge on the subject.

When one group says something, then people who cannot form their own opinions latch on to the idea. The idea in this case has to do with gambling causing child abuse and neglect. That is an unsubstantiated opinion.

There is no connection to gambling causing child abuse and neglect any more than alcohol or drugs do. Neglect is a choice made by parents. It can be caused by a variant of factors, not only gambling.

Pastors are usually quick to point out the negative affects of any movement that does not benefit themselves. Another thing that causes neglect in a family, is when children are being abused within their religious environment.

That is something that occurs much more frequently than abuse from gambling. Yet, uninformed groups do not line up at the Commission’s door to keep churches and religious places of worship out of their towns.

The gambling issue is just another example of how religious groups get involved with a cause, for nothing more than free press for their organizations. Had the voice this morning been from a more knowledgeable source, the Commission might have listened a little more intently to the complaint.

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