The rich and ancient heritage of the European casino gambling has much to do with the obvious differences between European casinos and American casinos. If you are not aware of those differences, just walk into any of the luxurious Monaco casinos or the French Riviera casinos and see for yourself.

European roulette is played very differently than the roulette games played in American casinos. The roulette table in a European casino is much larger and has much more casino employees maintaining it. The roulette is definitely not the only casino game that is very different in the states and in Europe. These differences used to confuse many gamblers and create a problem for gambling lovers who sometimes could not play their favorite casino game because it had different rules.

Thanks to online casino we no longer need to suffer from such a problem. Almost every online casino offers both variations side by side. Today any enthusiastic gambling lover can find his favorite casino game played by his favorite rules. The online casinos even added different visuals for each of the games, so you can feel just like playing the original. A European craps table will look just like it would like in a “real” land-based casino.

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