How Feasible Is It to Cheat From a Slot Machine

Many slot players are into the hunt for a slot machine that offers the best winning odds and payouts in order to increase their profit to win when playing the casino slot machines. But there are also those who ventured to cheat on slot machines in order to win sizable amount of profits from a slot machine.

With the latest and advanced technology in slot machines, cheats are no longer feasible to carry out. Casinos are becoming wiser in counteracting the slot machine cheats that were pulled by slots cheaters before which caused them to lose millions of revenues from their slot machine games.

It can be noted that the old models of slot machines were used to be confined to limited numbers of reels, usually three and only 5 pay lines. And they are built as mechanical machines which make it relatively easy to carry out a cheat on the old model of slot machines.

There were varieties of ways to cheat these mechanical slot machines. Some use coat hangers to interfere with the mechanical coin counter while others use steel that is bent at one end to form a claw which they use to reach the coin chute that will cause the slot machine to overpay.

Others use mini lights to cheat the slot machine to overpay by covering the optical sensors of the slot machine. This prevents the slot machine to keep track on how much coins it already paid. Some try to use counterfeit coins or coins on strings to cheat the machine on the actual denomination the player is supposed to pay the slot machine to play the game.

Because of these cheating tactics that caused the casino a great amount of losses from their profits in slot machines, casinos and slot machine manufacturers are able to design modern slot machines that are harder to cheat. These newer slot machine generations are highly modernized, technical and are run by computer which makes cheating hardly viable to pull.

Furthermore hundreds of surveillance cameras are now posted around the casinos that are designated to monitor all activities going on around the casino establishment. These cameras are mostly pointed on casino cages, table games, doors and all areas within the casino vicinity. Some casinos also have numerous employees roaming around the casino floor to observe all activities going on which help deter any attempt to cheat on their casino games.

Besides the security measures implemented in casinos, the sanction to anyone caught cheating the slot machine is lined to a criminal offense which significantly reduces the number of individuals planning to cheat the slot machines.